10 October 2011

Tagging Music and Bands (or Anything Else) in Fluidinfo

I’ve put a modified version of the About Tag web site up at ArtOfTagging.com.

Here’s a short video that illustrates its use, specifically with the data from musicbrainz.org that Eric Seidel (@gridaphobe) heroically imported into Fluidinfo.

The new ArtOfTagging.com allows you to do search-engine search over the Fluidinfo About Tags, to look up a specific, known about tag, to tag objects (if you log in and assiciate a Fluidinfo account) and to run Fluidinfo queries. It also includes the latest incarnation of the object visualizations, now inline and set up so that they update if you tag something.

If you want to know more about the about-tag conventions used in this, see The Music of Fluidinfo II.

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