29 December 2010

Abouttag (library/web app/visualizations): Update

I’ve made a few changes to the abouttag library (for generating canonical about tags according to various conventions documented here, and to the online app, available at abouttag.com.


I’ve added a simple interface to abouttag.com so that you can now just put in an about tag or an object ID, or choose a class of Thing and type in key information about that thing. The website can then generate the about tag for you or take you to a (live) visualization of that object in FluidDB, with its tags and values. The diagrams have been updated slightly, to make them reflect more precisely the way tags are references in FluidDB itself.

Here’s an example, that should work with almost any modern web browser except internet explorer (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone, Android etc. should all be fine): planet:Mercury.


The library has been expanded slightly to include twitter users, following the conventions adopted by the Tickery web application.

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