25 June 2011

Like A Scrolling Terminal

I have just updated Shell-Fish, the on-line version of the Fluidinfo Shell, fish, so that it acts rather more like a scrolling terminal, and rather less like a search engine.

Instead of being a “one-shot” application, where each time you type a fish command the screen is wiped and you lose all previous context, fish now simply scrolls the output, just a like a terminal. If you’re a command-line kind-of-a person, it will all look deeply familiar, except for the merest hint of AJAX spinniness.

The original inspiration for this was Stefan Grothcop’s wonderful Google Shell, goosh, which I’ve long used as my main interface to Google on Firefox. If you haven’t tried goosh, what are you waiting for?

Although the new scrolling version of Shell-Fish appears to work fine, I expect there are bugs: let me know if you find any. It still lacks a few basics, most obviously a history, but I plan to add that. Globbing too.

All in good time.

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