07 July 2011

About Tags In Fish

I’ve added a new command to fish (and updated the online version, Shell-Fish accordingly) to allow easy construction of standardized about tags using the conventions from the abouttag library. They make use of a new abouttag function, available in the new generic.py file in the abouttag library, which takes the object type as its first parameter, and the usual parameters as a variable parameter list.
The new fish command is abouttag, though can also be abbreviated to about and its general form is:
fish abouttag <object type> <object specifiers>
The object type is something like book, album or fi-user and the object specifiers are the key parameters used to describe that object, in the same order as they are used in the corresponding function from the abouttag library.
The easiest way to illustrate and define these is with examples. The following examples are taken from a Unix system; on Windows, use double quotes rather than single around parameters. In the online version (Shell-Fish), and on Unix, single or double quotes work. In the online version, you don’t need the fish prefix (though it does work).
I should note that part of the motivation for adding this functionality is a desire to allow the command to be used to specify objects without knowing the exact form of their about tags. In Unix-like systems (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris etc.), this is possible by using left quotes, which can be placed inside double quotes. Thus, the following, slightly ungainly command (using all three forms of quote) works, at least in bash:
$ fish show -F -a "`fish abouttag book 'Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid' 'Douglas R. Hofstader'`" njr/rating
Object with about="book:gödel escher bach an eternal golden braid (douglas r hofstader)":
  njr/rating = 10
I will leave it to the reader to judge whether this is easier than using cut and paste. For those who don’t know about left quotes in Unix shells, a command enclosed in left quotes within another command is evaluted before its enclosing command; its output replaces the left-quoted phrase on the original command line. So in the case above, we first run the command
fish abouttag book 'Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid' 'Douglas R. Hofstader'
which generates
book:gödel escher bach an eternal golden braid (douglas r hofstader)
as its output. In effect, the outer command is then transformed to
fish show -F -a "book:gödel escher bach an eternal golden braid (douglas r hofstader)" njr/rating
I hope to extend shell-fish, the on-line version of fish, to support left quotes, but that may take a little while.
The following examples are taken from the fish documentation, which is available online from http://fluiddb.fluidinfo.com/about/fish/fish/index.html.
  1. Books and related items using the book-u convention (book, author)
    $ fish abouttag book 'Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid' 'Douglas R. Hofstader'
    book:gödel escher bach an eternal golden braid (douglas r hofstader)
    $ fish abouttag book 'The Feynman Lectures on Physics' 'Richard P. Feynman' 'Robert B. Leighton' 'Matthew Sands'
    book:the feynman lectures on physics (richard p feynman; robert b leighton; matthew sands)
    $ fish abouttag book 'The Oxford English Dictionary: second edition, volume 3', 'John Simpson', 'Edmund Weiner'
    book:the oxford english dictionary second edition volume 3 (john simpson; edmund weiner)
    $ fish abouttag author 'Douglas R. Hofstadter' 1945 2  15
    author:douglas r hofstadter (1945-02-15)
  2. Music-related items (track, album, artist, isrc-recording)
    $ fish abouttag track 'Bamboulé' 'Bensusan and Malherbe'
    track:bamboulé (bensusan and malherbe)
    $ fish abouttag album 'Solilaï' 'Pierre Bensusan'
    album:solilaï (pierre bensusan)
    $ fish abouttag artist 'Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young'
    artist:crosby stills nash & young
    $ fish abouttag isrc-recording 'US-PR3-73-00012'
  3. URLs and URIs (URI, URL)
    $ fish abouttag uri FluidDB.fluidinfo.com
    $ fish abouttag url https://FluidDB.fluidinfo.com/one/two/
    $ fish abouttag URI http://fluiddb.fluidinfo.com/one/two/
    $ fish abouttag URL 'http://test.com/one/two/?referrer=http://a.b/c'
  4. Fluidinfo objects (fi-user, fi-namespace, fi-tag)
    $ fish abouttag fi-user njr
    Object for the user named njr
    $ fish abouttag fi-namespace njr/misc
    Object for the namespace njr/misc
    $ fish abouttag fi-ns njr/private
    Object for the namespace njr/private
    $ fish abouttag fi-tag terrycojones/private/rating
    Object for the attribute terrycojones/private/rating
  5. Database components (db-table, db-field)
    $ fish abouttag db-table 'elements'
    $ fish abouttag db-field 'name' 'elements'
    field:name in table:elements
  6. Miscellaneous (planet, element)
    $ fish abouttag planet 'Mars'
    $ fish abouttag element 'Helium'

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