20 August 2009

fdb: A simple python client library for FluidDB

I spent most of today playing with FluidDB, building on the work that I mentioned earlier from Sanghyeon Seo and Nicholas Tollervey,
The result is the fdb.py library, which you can find here.
If anyone wants to use it, feel free. I'll attach a licence some time, but it'll be BSD or similar --- something very permissive --- as long as Sanghyeon Seo and Nicholas Tollervey are happy.
There are six tests at the end that show its use reasonably clearly (I hope). The easiest way to use it is to stick your credentials in a file, possibly ~/.fluidDBcredentials as username and password on separate lines. Like this:
$ cat ~/.fluidDBcredentials
I'l post some example code using it, but that might not be till tomorrow evening.
The main thing I've used it for (other than the tests) is for pushing about 1500 bookmarks
from del.icio.us into FluidDB and it worked almost flawlessly as far as I can tell.
It hung after 678 object creations, but was fine after I interrupted and started again.

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