20 August 2009

On tags, namespaces, paths

The full specification of a tag in fluidDB might be something like
The way we talk about this in FluidDB (at least, the bits we're agreed on) is as follows:
  • rating is the name of the tag;
  • njr/var is the name of a hierarchical namespace; njr is me and var is a (sub-)namespace that I've created under my username namespace njr/.
The problem, as usual, is that we may wish to refer to different bits of it. I am currently (for myself, and in my code) using the following names, though others will undoubtedly use others.
  • http://fluidDB.fluidinfo.com/tags/njr/var/rating is the tag URI;
  • /tags/njr/var/rating is the the full tag path;
  • /njr/var/rating is the absolute tag path;
  • /njr/var is the absolute namespace;
  • var/rating is the relative tag path;
  • rating is the short tag name;
Why do I care? Well, partly just so that we can talk about things, and partly because I want to make my functions be fairly liberal about what they accept (relative or absolute paths, filling in missing namespaces when appropraite) etc. I'm sure there'll be confusion for a while; hopefully followed by blissful clarity.

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