21 August 2009

Tagging and untagging from python with fdb.py 0.2

I extended fdb.py a bit. Version 0.2 is available where 0.1 used to be, at http://stochasticsolutions.com/fluiddb/fdb.py, but also at http://stochasticsolutions.com/fluiddb/fdb0.2.py. Version 0.1 is still available at http://stochasticsolutions.com/fluiddb/fdb0.1.py. (I know, I know, I should make it publicly available through a VCS, and I will, but this is much easier for me right now.)
Main new features are:
  • Ability to untag objects
  • More tests
  • Tests that work for users whose FluidDB name isn't njr
  • More tag path manipulation
  • Most (all?) of the commands on tags now accept relative or absolute tag names
It still doesn't support subnamespaces or (m)any queries yet, though.
The following code illustrates the new functionality:
import fdb
import types

db = fdb.FluidDB (fdb.Credentials (filename='/Users/njr/.fluidDBcredentials'))

# Create an object with about='DADGAD' (or look up ID is already exists)
o = db.create_object ('DADGAD')
assert type (o) != types.IntType        # Would indicate an error code
id_DADGAD = o.id

# Add njr/rating=10 to 
assert db.tag_object_by_id (id_DADGAD, 'rating', 10) == 0

# Read the value back and heck it's right
(status, value) = db.get_tag_value_by_id (id_DADGAD, 'rating')
assert value == 10

# Remove njr/rating from DADGAD object
assert db.untag_object_by_id (id_DADGAD, 'rating') == 0

# Again, using absolute tag path
assert db.untag_object_by_id (id_DADGAD, '/njr/rating') == 0

# Again, using absolute tag path
assert db.untag_object_by_id (id_DADGAD, '/njr/rating') == 0

# Yet again, requesting error if the tag or object isn't there
error = db.untag_object_by_id (id_DADGAD, '/njr/rating', False)
assert error == fdb.STATUS.NOT_FOUND    # 404 :-)

print 'Well, that all worked!'
This produces:
zero:$ time python taguntag.py
Well, that all worked!

real 0m3.920s
user 0m0.121s
sys 0m0.068s

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